⌈Title⌋ The thing is, I want the work to be more of conceptual work. I do not plan on naming it something like “Untitled” or something similar. The work will not be minimalist, so the title is going to be pretentious and definitely subject to change.  The title is: Suffocating Myself with the Idea of Misfortune […]


⌈Rationale⌋ Congratulations to me! My final medium of choice is now officially Computer art (or digital art). Although it seems like it could also be considered mixed media because of its blurred distinction with other media such as illustration, photography, etc. The art piece would eventually fall under Pop art or Appropriation art because of its […]


This isn’t a requirement. I haven’t actually started on my research yet, but I tried asking some people about their opinions on my topic for this class. I asked the person next to me in class what he would do if he were in Omelas. He, without hesitation, said that he would leave Omelas, but […]


⌈Problem Statement⌋ Do you know the short story called “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin? It’s a about a utopia of our choice, where everything is perfect and everybody is happy, even if it includes an orgy, but it comes with a price. It doesn’t matter why it must be, […]


There are a lot of ideas popping out of my head. At the beginning, when I saw the syllabus, I wanted to try to make an art piece about human trafficking or Enjo-kōsai, a Japanese term of the practice of “compensated dating” in many countries. I just wanted to try a controversial and serious topic. I’ve already decided […]


Salutations! I’m Alyssa Pagtulingan, your 18-year-old art student. The kid who plans to sell design and art for a living after graduation, or hopefully get lucky, and get married to someone who is financially stable and loves me dearly. If you were to meet my friends when I was in high school, they would probably […]