This isn’t a requirement.

So like, I was supposed to do the official layout for my project at school a while ago, but I suddenly remembered that my Physical Ed. course is belly dancing. In that class we have group quizzes where we think of our choreography on the spot. And because of that, I started to remember something during high school when we’d have dance projects, I’d have such a stiff body that I just looked awkward dancing but forced to do complicated moves anyways, so I made this:


Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of musicals. There’s this musical that I’ve been loving for some time now. It’s called Heathers. Urgh! The soundtrack is the only thing I’ve been listening to this past weeks. So y’know when you just suddenly start watching anything related to it? Yeah, so I’ve been doing that until I ended up watching this and it’s funny af that it finally got me over the musical:

Useless post over, apologies.


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