This isn’t a requirement.

I haven’t actually started on my research yet, but I tried asking some people about their opinions on my topic for this class. I asked the person next to me in class what he would do if he were in Omelas. He, without hesitation, said that he would leave Omelas, but once I applied the situation in real life, he stopped to think about it and I just laughed at him. I asked another person, and she, almost without hesitation, said that she probably wouldn’t leave, and her reasons were quite practical. I’ve only asked those two of their opinion, but I already have diversity in answers.

Maybe, I should do a questionnaire about the story and see how people would react.

The title of my page is called Pink-Light District, because I initially wanted my art piece to be about prostitution, but now it’s not even about that anymore. What do I do about my title?

The reason why I even got the topic about the short story was because I’m a fan of a Kpop group called BTS (방탄소년단) and they have a newly released song called Spring Day (봄날), and it’s suppose to have themes or relations to the short story. I read the story and used it as one of my topics.

I guess being a fangirl actually did some good to me.


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