I’m Alyssa Pagtulingan, your 18-year-old art student. The kid who plans to sell design and art for a living after graduation, or hopefully get lucky, and get married to someone who is financially stable and loves me dearly.

If you were to meet my friends when I was in high school, they would probably call me a child (child-like) or gago. I actually went to ask someone if they could describe me, and they replied:

  • hmm. curly haired, pa-cute, gets kinda clingy sometimes and always says the most random ass shit

  • also can get a lil kinky


I enjoy comics and animations. I appreciate all forms of art. Artworks or texts with controversial messages intrigue me, although it doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with their ideologies.

I love a lot of artist and they aren’t necessarily traditional or conventional artists, although there are artists that I actually un-ironically like, like Marcel Duchamp. I like all genres of music (except for country lmao) but the band Panic! At The Disco is my favorite American band while my favorite Korean band is a group called 방탄소년단 (Bangtan Boys).

I follow many artist online who have greatly influenced my art style throughout my entire life, but almost all of them do digital art:

I draw. I draw traditionally and digitally. I currently mostly focus on digital now, but I also do traditional art works but only because I’m required to, for my drawing and painting classes. People often see that I draw mostly girls or androgynous looking people. That’s mostly because everybody in my nuclear family are female except my dad, but that’s not enough material to work with. But I love boy groups in K-pop, so I might be able to draw males if I use them as references. ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎


But I have a hard time when it comes to traditional painting. I can’t seem to control the brush very well and I keep making streaks that makes me want to press an imaginary “ctrl + z” button.

Someone saw my site and they made a weird face. And that was when I knew that they thought of something dirty. So they asked:

Pink-Light District?”

I won’t even deny its indication. This is because as soon as I saw the syllabus for the class, an idea pop-up in my mind on what art work I was going to do for the semester. And yes, it is related to the place almost every city has, the Red-light district.

But as the days progress, I start to ponder how the final product would affect anybody. Art is incredibly subjective, so creating an art that will be graded is making me uneasy. I’m open to criticism especially in a skill sense, but to judge an art work based on the message or the impact it makes, it’s uncomfortable since I wouldn’t know if my ideas would create any.

I recently got my VISA debit card, and I’m concerned about the money inside it. Ever since I got my card, online shops and pay-to-use applications have been really tempting to look at. I’ve been trying to restrain myself, but I went ahead and bought a membership in an application for my favorite Korean band. I’ve been regretting.

I feel fat. I exercise but I don’t see any significant changes, I even changed my diet, but I still feel fat (although I always try to flaunt my body.) People say I’ve actually become thinner, but I don’t think so.

I’ve introduced myself quite well.


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